The PCIP program is now cheaper – premiums have been reduced.  PCIP is "Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program,"  a part of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) that is currently available to persons who have been denied health insurance by private health insurance companies because of even minor health conditions.  It also insures individuals with significant medical issues who have been without health insurance for six months or more.  Some of our clilents who have funds are purchasing the PCIP health insurance (the same non-profit company that insures Congresspersons and U.S. Senators).  The coverage is excellent.  And the doctors are first class private physicians and hospitals – after all, Congress wrote this insurance for themselves and their families – Obama is just letting disabled persons and others previously excluded from purchasing insurance, to buy this insurance.

The new rates are significantly lower than what our law firm’s group health insurance costs: for a person age 32, our office policy costs $525 per month; the PCIP plan cost is $176 per month; for an employee age 48, our plan costs us $755 per month, and the PCIP is only $270 for even better coverage.

CLICK HERE for more descriiptions on how to sign up online for PCIP and the coverage and rates.  A full description of the program – about 81 pages – is available here.