Each year the Social Security Administration announces in October if there will be any changes in the amount of payments of SSI and SSDI due to Cost of Living Adjustments.  The new payments for SSI for 2012 are $698 to and individual, and $1048 to a married couple who are both on SSI.  SSI is the welfare disability program for persons who were disabled since birth or who haven’t paid sufficient minimum taxes to qualify.

SSA administers another program for persons with disabilities who did pay taxes.  The payments for persons on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are based on the amount of Social Security taxes paid during their working years. 

The average benefit paid to a disabled worker, his spouse and one or more children in $1,892 per month.

See the full description of benefits see www.floridaspecialneedslaw.com/uploads/file/2012 Social Security NUMBERS.pdfre.

Until recently, if you wanted to see what SSA was up to in terms of proposing new regulations, you would go to policy information page on the Social Security Administration’s main website.

Under a new policy, all federal agencies’ proposed regulations, and other announcements, will appear on a new website called Regulations.gov.  One of the neat things about the website, is that we can sign up for notification of any new proposed regulations by whatever agency we’re interested in.  We will be sent an email.

This is an important development because it makes it easier to alert the public so that timely comments can be made to proposed regulations before they are adopted.  These NPRM items, "Notice of Proposed Rule Making" are published in the Federal Register pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act.  But wading through the Federal Register every day or each week is tedious.  Now the Internet will do it for us!